• Never Quit

    It's been awhile since I've added to my blog. So I'll start 2023 with another lesson I've learned along this road of life. 

    The Universe has no favorites and it will kick you in the teeth whenever it feel like it, and that's what happened just before the new year. 

    We had a major accident at my home studio and most of work was almost destroyed.  Will it stop me. NO. Will I be annoyed. YES. But things like this will happen to every single one of us on our way through life. The difference between those that live a life worthy of praise and those that just meandor through life, is the ability to persevere regardless as to what happens to them. 

    I've looked at this moment as simply a lesson. Now I get to go through each piece and add a few more layers. Many of these works where from my earlier years and there is so much more that I've learned since. I'm almost looking forward to it. The only part that is truly frustrating is the unforseen home improvements that must be done before I can start working on all these paintings and sculpture!

    So to 2023, I say bring on your challenges, I'm ready to tackle each and every one of them. I hope you do the same my friends. 


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