• Let it change you.

    Alright, I'm still riding the glow of this fatherhood gig. As difficult as it can be at times it still is the best thing to ever happen in my life. One of the greatest things I heard in the stress-filled months prior to our little guy's arrival was, just "Let it Change You". That piece of advice really stuck with me. Becoming a father later on in life, 38 to be exact, I've witnessed the difference and lack thereof, in the mindset of becoming a new parent. It amazes me how some will put forth so much energy into continuing their lives as if nothing has changed, in the rare cases it is to be applauded but for many, I've seen at what expense that choice has made and in the end, it will truly affect their child in ways they may never see for years to come. I can only judge others in silence and if I'm ever asked my opinion all I can do is reiterate is..."Let it Change You"  

    For me, it's opened up a whole new world of adventure and excitement. The future is not filled with hopes and dreams of just my own, it's become a wonderland of what may be as I help guide my son through this life as we prepare him for this world.  I can't wait to take him on our yearly family excursions. From a little coastal town in Maine too far off destinations around the globe. You see it changed me because it's not about just me anymore. It's about him first. Not to the point where one totally loses themselves in the day to day bustle of parenthood. That I can't understand, you need time for yourself to reflect, decompress and become centered, this will truly bring your best self forward as a parent and an overall person. I still want to set an example. My art is my passion, one that fatherhood has slowed down rather significantly but, it will help show him to find a purpose in this life and never give up on himself. 

    Let it change you, it's still you.... and try your best. 


    Click the fatherhood link at the beginning of this post for a cool article about the brain and what happens once you become a father. 



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