• Gratitude

        This morning I had to take second, as I watched my son walk shirtless and barefooted down the driveway to get our mail.  Right then and there the immense feeling of gratitude came over me. At the very moment all the stresses and worries of this life simply faded away.  As difficult as things may seem, every bit of it is worth it. 

      I'm eternally grateful for this quirky little family of mine. I can remember a time, not that long ago, where I was alone longing for something meaningful in my life. I was content with my career and more than happy with the freedom that single life offers. All of that means nothing when you come home to an empty house or when you have to attend a holiday gathering and things just don't feel the way they should be.  

       The flip side is the constant comparison of our lives with those we admire. It's been said that comparison is the "Thief of Joy" and I fully understand this. Even today I catch myself daydreaming and wondering what if.   One has to remember that in the pursuit of dreams and goals to take a step back and reflect and simply be grateful for the things in your life that YOU DO HAVE.  

    There are many out there who view your life as a dream come true. So just be grateful today and try and stretch that feeling out for the tomorrows to come. 

    Here is a great link to a Psychology Today article on Gratitude.

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